Sex and love addicts anonymous meetings. Other fellowships dealing with sex/love addiction.

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Donna Sexaholics Anonymous Speaker

Sex and love addicts anonymous meetings

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Sex and love addicts anonymous meetings

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  1. We need your groups CONTACT information for when intergroup receives calls from fellows inquiring about meeting location, changes due to weather, Holidays etc. Also note that we have no paid staff.

  2. The following behaviors have been experienced by members. Sometimes when the leadership changes, some of the calls can fall through. An essential piece of literature to help you start and stay with the program is the S.

  3. Please note that return calls will not come from the above number. When I hear sex and love addict's distance themselves from those in the program, I pass on to them the conventional wisdom of trying at least six different meetings before they make a decision, since every meeting has its own personality and culture.

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