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Young girls older men anal sex

Received Mar 9; Accepted Aug 8. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Background Kisumu has shown a rising HIV prevalence over the past sentinel surveillance surveys, and most new infections are occurring among youth.

We conducted a qualitative study to explore risk situations that can explain the high HIV prevalence among youth in Kisumu town, Kenya Methods We conducted in-depth interviews with adolescents aged 15 to 20, held 4 focus group discussions, and made 48 observations at places where youth spend their free time.

Results Porn video shows and local brew dens were identified as popular events where unprotected multipartner, concurrent, coerced and transactional sex occurs between adolescents. Video halls - rooms with a TV and VCR - often show pornography at night for a very small fee, and minors are allowed. Forced sex, gang rape and multiple concurrent relationships characterised the sexual encounters of youth, frequently facilitated by the abuse of alcohol, which is available for minors at low cost in local brew dens.

The desire for love and sexual pleasure also contributed to their multiple concurrent partnerships. A substantial number of girls and young women engaged in transactional sex, often with much older working partners. Condom use was irregular during all types of sexual encounters. Conclusions In Kisumu, local brew dens and porn video halls facilitate risky sexual encounters between youth. These places should be regulated and monitored by the government.

Our study strongly points to female vulnerabilities and the role of men in perpetuating the local epidemic. Young men should be targeted in prevention activities, to change their attitudes related to power and control in relationships. Girls should be empowered how to negotiate safe sex, and their poverty should be addressed through income-generating activities.

Background Globally, the HIV epidemic is increasing faster amongst young women than young men and nowhere is this trend more apparent than in sub-Saharan Africa [ 1 ].

The main form of HIV transmission is heterosexual sex. The contrasting HIV prevalence between boys and girls is a pattern observed in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa [ 4 , 5 ]. Kisumu town is found by the shores of Lake Victoria, is the capital of Nyanza province and the third largest town in Kenya. Although more recent figures for Kisumu are slightly lower, the numbers are still alarmingly high, and higher than in other parts of the country [ 9 , 6 ].

Cultural norms such as wife inheritance and widow cleansing, polygamy, "jaboya" in which female fishmongers develop sexual relationships with fishermen and middlemen in exchange for fish , and "chira" a curse that comes from breaking certain taboos and traditions , continue to have a powerful hold on people in this lakeside province [ 10 , 13 , 14 ].

We conducted a qualitative study on the sexual behaviour of young people in Kisumu, to further explore results from an earlier population survey on factors determining the differential spread of HIV in four African cities: This study showed that girls in Kisumu had older sexual partners than boys and higher rates of herpes simplex type 2, which are both risk factors for HIV transmission.

But most girls reported very few sexual encounters, and HIV prevalence was very high even among girls reporting one lifetime partner and few episodes of sexual intercourse. This may be due to underreporting, but also may indicate high transmission during loss of virginity [ 5 ].

Our aim was to deepen our understanding of the dynamics of sexual interactions of adolescents, in order to explain the high HIV prevalence among Kisumu youth in general and specifically among girls. We triangulated data from in-depth interviews, focus group discussions FGD , and observations, to generate a holistic description of the contexts and dynamics of sexual interactions among youth.

Methods We conducted in-depth interviews with adolescents aged in Kisumu, held 4 FGDs, and performed 48 observations at places where youth spend their free time. For the in-depth interviews, a convenience sample of 75 boys and 75 girls aged years were interviewed at their households.

Using the sampling framework of the multicentre study, quota sampling was used to ensure diversity in age, socio economic status SES of household, and education [ 9 ]. A qualitative interview guide was developed in English and translated into Swahili and Luo.

Trained fieldworkers pre-tested the guide in communities neighboring the study sites. The interviews were held in Luo, Swahili or English by same-sex interviewers, and tape-recorded; they took about 45 minutes to one hour.

Four focus group discussions FGDs were held by same-sex interviewers in preparation for the in-depth interviews i. A topic guide was used, that was pre-tested for face and construct validity.

The FGDs mainly focused on youth's attitudes, risk perception and socio-cultural norms regarding sexuality. Each FGD had 8 to 12 participants aged , and the discussions took about one and half hour. We sought permission from the persons in charge and ensured confidentiality of all collected information.

The field workers tried to get an inside view of reality without the participants' knowledge that they were being observed. Short notes were taken during the 2-to-3 hour observations when possible, and detailed notes were compiled afterwards describing the physical setting, the activities taking place, socio-demographics of participants estimated age, gender , and their verbal and non verbal behaviour.

The audio-taped interviews and FGDs were transcribed verbatim and translated into English where necessary [ 16 ]. Data analysis of the in-depth interviews, FGDs and observations followed grounded theory principles, which allows analytical themes to emerge during the process of re reading transcripts and exploring and coding responses [ 17 ]. The following themes relating to risky sexual behaviour emerged from the interviews, FGDs and observations and are discussed below: Where quotes are used in the Results section, they are from the in-depth interviews unless indicated otherwise.

The average age of adolescents interviewed in the study was A year-old girl from a low-SES area stated: Sixteen of the 28 girls who mentioned the age of their first partner reported that he was 25 years or older. All girls with a current partner had a partner who was over 20 years old ranging from 2 to 17 years older. During the observations, older men were often seen with girls as young as Of the sexually active adolescents, over half of the girls reported having had partners; over half of the boys indicated having had partners and about a third reported more than 10 girlfriends.

A few boys found it difficult to count all sexual partners: Some of the bicycle taxi transporters reportedly had sex daily, with different partners.

Girls mostly reported serial monogamy and rarely stated outright that they had concurrent partners. In contrast, many sexually active boys casually reported having overlapping partnerships: These 'disco funerals' are parties held by the relatives of a person recently deceased, in order to raise funds for the funeral.

The disco funerals are characterised by loud music, singing, dancing, bidding games and risky sexual behaviour. Because we have described these events in which Kisumu youth engage in risky sexual behaviour in a separate paper, we do not elaborate on it here [ 18 ].

A third of the youth interviewed 49 report porn video shows either from personal attendance or as an influence on youth sexuality. Some also report watching porn at home or at the home of a friend: Video show halls are basically rooms with a television and VCR, they are popular leisure spots, where youth pay to watch movies.

The fieldworkers did a dozen of random observations in video halls: Most attendees were young men, but some girls also attended. The movies ranged from non-violent to violent pornography, and the scenes revolved around group sex, anal sex, and oral and vaginal intercourse.

Youth said that the owner of a video hall most times disguises the announcement of a featured film and writes "on-por": During one observation, several adolescents engaged in sex in the darkness of the hall. Reports of forced sex were many: Some girls were lured into secluded places such as a boy's cube [separate living quarter for boys], and were forced to have sex: Some boys were said to waylay prostitutes and force them to have sex: But these groups of boys don't have any cash, they just get them and hijack them yah," FGD, out-of-school boys.

Few adolescents reported condom use at first sex 12 girls and 15 boys out of 96 sexually active adolescents. Condom use was neither common nor consistent: I use a condom but not every time. For most girls, non-use was related to their limited ability to request condom use, ideals of intimacy and pleasure, and mixed messages about safety: Some young people also held the belief that very young boys and girls could not have STIs.

Some adolescents only used condoms during the unsafe period in the menstrual cycle. Others reported they usually stop using condoms in a new relationship when they have become more used to each other or, as a few reported, after getting a negative HIV test. Heavy alcohol intake and in particular illicit brews and drugs reinforced and mostly accompanied these sexual risk behaviours, as illustrated by this year-old girl: During interviews over a third 56 of youth interviewed mostly boys said they have gone to drink in these local brew dens.

The brew was often made by widows who depend on the trade for their livelihood. It was reported that in environments where a parent s made local brews, girls started having sex at an early age and some progress to trade sex for money: One girl said in an interview that she had her first sexual encounter at the age of fourteen, after her older sister described to her what the men were doing to her when she went to serve them namely having sex for money.

The younger girl got pregnant and gave birth at the age of fifteen. Another girl stated that she had sex several times with a client who promised to build her widowed mother a house. Many interviewed youth reported to have had transactional sex.

There were reports of young women going to local brew dens or disco funerals hoping the men would buy them drinks or give them money, in exchange of sexual favours. Often only a little money was required: Bicycle-taxi operators were reportedly popular, offering a few shillings, some food, or free transport to young women in exchange for sex: Only occasionally did a boy receive gifts from his girlfriend s.

An year-old girl from a low-SES area described how she decided to have sex with her year old boyfriend: Many young men acknowledged that their ability to provide for their girlfriends affected both the longevity and exclusivity of their relationships: Eight of the 75 interviewed boys reported that that they had had contacts with a prostitute.

Not much money was involved in such encounters: Discussion In this qualitative study on sexual behaviour of youth in Kisumu, Kenya, we found that the majority had sex at a young age, sometimes with multiple and concurrent partners, mostly without using a condom. Drugs and local alcohol often facilitated these encounters [ 19 - 22 ].

Findings point strongly to the role of men in perpetuating the HIV epidemic forcing sex, gang rape, multiple concurrent relationships. Many young people were exposed to pornography in video halls, which seemed to increase their sexual risk behavior. Peer influence was a great motivator for these risk behaviors. There are a number of limitations that should be considered when interpreting the results. Because we used purposive quota sampling, it cannot be concluded that our results are fully representative for the total Kisumu youth population.

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Alt text sex kristen archives

This is the first such prosecution for written material in nearly two decades — and a guilty verdict could have a serious and significant impact on the future regulation of the internet in the UK. The case originated in summer , when Mr Walker allegedly posted a work of fantasy — titled Girls Scream Aloud - about pop group Girls Aloud. The story describes in detail the kidnap, rape, mutilation and murder of band members Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh, and ends with the sale of various body parts on eBay.

The piece was brought to the attention of the Internet Watch Foundation, whose remit includes the monitoring of internet material deemed to be criminally obscene: Hard facts on this case are hard to come by, not least because it is now subject to the laws on contempt.

As far as the Reg is aware, the piece for which Mr Walker is to be prosecuted is story, rather than blog. Internet veterans will be aware of the alt. Asstr is effectively an archive of any and every story posted in alt. Material hosted on this site is subject to little moderation: The true significance of this case — and the reason for our interest — is that it is the first prosecution under the Obscene Publications Act in respect of written content since This Act is the yardstick by which obscenity is measured in the UK: Unfortunately, the Act has had a somewhat chequered history in respect of the written word.

Initial success in prosecuting the publishers of the Oz Schoolkids issue in was followed by a reversal on appeal. In , following the acquittal of the publishers of Inside Linda Lovelace, the Metropolitan Police pretty much abandoned prosecutions against books, believing that if Inside Linda Lovelace was not obscene, then nothing was. This would have allowed the book to be destroyed without jury trial. Again, the decision was overturned by the Court of Appeal.

The significance of this prosecution cannot therefore be understated. At present, the UK effectively has no sanction against written material, no matter how apparently obscene. This is not the case for pictorial material, which is regularly seized, prosecuted and in many cases deemed obscene.

Kirsty Brimelow, a barrister with Doughty Street Chambers, probably represents one strand of establishment thinking on this subject. Speaking to the Reg, she said: There is so much disgusting material that is easily accessible to the general public and can hardly be described as being in the public good.

There have been other straws in the wind. During the consultation phase for the new extreme porn law, Kent Police opined that it did not go far enough and that it ought to include strictures on the possession of written material as well. After investigating the material in question, they clearly believe that this may at last be enough for a successful prosecution - they put the file before the Crown Prosecution Service, who appear to agree.

The implication for UK surfers is immense. If another not guilty verdict is returned, then written material on the internet — as written material elsewhere — will return to its present near-privileged status. On the other hand, a guilty verdict could change much. This is not just because certain categories of writing could in future be deemed obscene but, as the US Supreme Court is usually keen to point out, the fear of prosecution itself is likely to cause a major chilling effect.

Individuals will not write in case they overstep the Law. More on this later in the month.

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What Causes This Issue? Meyer says you might suddenly find yourself super desensitized to intercourse. Chronic Illnesses Men who are diabetic, battle ongoing, continuous pain, have a cardiovascular or neurological disease, spinal cord injury or other illnesses that disrupt their life may find themselves unable to orgasm. Stress No matter your industry, location or overall sense of self, everyone has times when all of the deadlines, responsibilities and well, bad news, seem to pile up.

During these months or ahem, years - your cortisol levels skyrocket, causing you to be stressed to the max. Meyer says when you feel this way, you might start to experience difficulties with orgasm. These include hypothyroidism, where the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones or hypogonadism, where your testicles do not produce enough testosterone. With either of these, symptoms should be addressed with your physician. Meyer encourages men to address these thoughts and feelings ASAP.

Since having these emotions can severely inhibit a functioning sex life, discussing the past can positively improve your future. Masturbation Practices While masturbation is a normal - and encouraged!

A Repressive Childhood Do you often have negative attitudes or guilt about sex, masturbating or other sexually-related practices? Meyer says your childhood and upbringing can dramatically impact the way you approach and perceive sex, sometimes for the worse.

Here, some ways that could improve your performance: Meyer says the sooner you allow yourself to feel, the more likely your sex life will improve. Build Your Self-Confidence Considering lack of self-esteem can impact everything from your ability to exceed in your career to finishing in the bedroom, Dr.

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Sex scene quest for fire

Sex scene quest for fire

It is based off the book of the same name by Belgian author J. It is set in Paleolithic Europe, around 80, years ago, and concerns a small group of cavemen as they search for the fire their tribe needs to survive, not knowing how to produce it themselves. Acceptable Breaks from Reality: The film did an excellent job of showing that life for people at the time was basically a daily fight for survival and that humans were also not the dominant species on the planet.

However, it is unlikely there would be such differently evolved tribes living in such close proximity to each other and there is some misplaced wildlife.

Had this not been written in it would've likely been a very dull story. The Ivaka happen to take a liking to Naoh and end up sending most of their women to his hut for sex, much to his initial confusion. The Ivaka mate face to face, and Naoh can't figure out why the first woman is lying face-up, until she finally catches on and turns over onto all fours.

The novel presented two human species: In the film, there seems to be several different species running around, with the Ulam looking and behaving much more primitive than H. All Cavemen Were Neanderthals: The Kzamm are definitely Neanderthals, but the Ulam are more ambiguous, and the Ivaka are clearly Homo sapiens.

The Wagabu are shaggy and bestial, suggesting a more primitive species of hominid. In contrast to the light-skinned Ulam and Kzamm, Ika and the Ivaka tribe cover their entire bodies in paint and have noticeably non-Caucasian features. Ika is played by Rae Dawn Chong , who is mixed raced. The director wanted the Ivaka to not conform to the appearance of any single ethnic group, in that they're a tribe of Cro-Magnons who predate modern ethnicities.

An Arm and a Leg: When the trio first meet the Kzamm, they have captured Ika and her mate and are hanging them upside down from a tree like game. The next morning, his arm has been amputated and eaten by the cannibals. Ika manages to free them both, but he immediately collapses and dies of his injuries, leaving her alone with no recourse but to join the trio on their quest.

His death is not entirely obvious, making the scene somewhat ambiguous. The sabre-toothed cats are portrayed by lions wearing false fangs. Real sabre-toothed cats were physically very different from modern big cats. The Ulam have a very limited language and no real concept of verbal consent, so when Amouker grabs Ika without permission, she resists and Naoh stops him By the closing scene, Ika has become pregnant with Naoh's child.

An odd example in a film with so much casual nudity: Bears Are Bad News: Gaw is severely mauled by a cave bear. Naoh is the most handsome member of Ulam, and he is our primary hero. Our heroine Ika conforms to modern sensibilities of attractiveness, being sleek and slender, while her tribe prefers women that would be considered obese by conventional modern tastes. By contrast, the villains of the film, including the rival tribes of sub-humans and the treacherous members of the Ulam, are all ugly.

Seems to be the ideal of beauty among the Ivaka, to the point that the much thinner Ika is treated poorly for being deemed ugly. Bi the Way , Situational Sexuality: After watching Naoh and Ika copulate face-to-face for the first time, Amouker approaches Gaw for sex, but is rebuffed. All the Ivaka wear full body paint made of clay and charcoal. Naoh is painted in this way when he is initiated into the tribe.

The film begins and ends with the same long-shot pan to the fire. Clash of Evolutionary Levels: There's basically a four-way evolutionary battle royale going on between the four primitive human tribes. Writer Anthony Burgess created the prehistoric languages for the film. He explains his methods here. At the beginning of the film, an Ulam male is vigorously copulating with one of the females when the Wagabu launch their attack. Needless to say, it kind of kills the mood.

Ulam "courtship" consists of males grabbing random females and mounting them with little to no verbal communication or negotiation. This causes some problems when Ulam males come into contact with an Ivaka Homo sapiens female. The Ulam don't understand laughter.

When Ivaka laughs for the first time, they become unsettled. Later, they seem to have adopted the concept and bring it back home with them. Do You Want to Copulate? Sex in the paleolithic is extremely open and casual. In one scene a guy gets hit on the head. Ika laughs hysterically for over a minute; the others glare at her. This is because the concept of laughter is unknown to them. Later, however, they have a healthy dose of it.

Earn Your Happy Ending: The group returns with fire Naoh tries to make fire with sticks, to no avail. There is a lot of straightforward sex and nudity in this film, but most of it isn't very sexy. Most of the people aren't very pretty and the sex is rough and animalistic.

When Naoh finally returns to his tribe with the fire, during the celebrations, one of the tribesmen trips and falls into the swamp, snuffing the flames. The Wagabu definitely fit this trope, being hairy and bestial, with intense physical strength. The film is quite bloody and gory in places, most notably the scene where a spear is thrust through a Wagabu's mouth and out through the back of his head.

A Kzamm bites Naoh in the genitals, causing him severe pain. He is later healed by Ika. The Ivaka anatomically modern humans are initially the only people capable of understanding humour, starting their own fires, constructing free-standing shelters, and copulating face-to-face.

Science Marches On , and it is now thought that all, or most, Homo species shared these abilities to some degree even great apes like chimps and gorillas are known to understand humour and mate face-to-face. Amoukar has this reaction when he learns that the leftover meat he's been chewing on is human.

The Kzamm are a cannibalistic tribe of Neanderthals. Truth in Television , as many anthropologists think that at least some Neanderthals practiced some form of cannibalism.

Ika is easily the most innocent and gentle character in the film. She is also casually naked throughout most of it as is usual for her tribe and, like most hunter-gatherers, is not the least bit shy about sex. A big factor in conflicts between human and proto-human tribes. The Kzamm smash their clubs on the ground when they approach the Ulam. Amouker boldly responds with his own demonstration. Ika's treatment of Naoh's wounded genitals seems to involve oral sex. An early example of the trope, though not as pronounced as it is today.

There's noticeable jitter during the tribal battles, typically reserved for 1 vs 1 shots. Also notable because these are not POV shots , which most pre jitter was limited to. Ika definitely fits the bill, being small, cute and highly vocal with a loud laugh something unknown to the Ulam.

Gaw and Ika tamper with a Cave bear cub with the expected result. Manic Pixie Dream Girl: Ika who teaches Naoh and the other Ulam males to laugh and love. A Marabou stork appears in one scene. Marabou storks are found only in Africa and are thus out of place in Pleistocene Europe. The bird was probably chosen for it's bizarre "prehistoric" appearance.

Ika, a Homo sapiens female and the most conventionally attractive person in the film who wears little more than body paint and a smile for most of her screen time.

Ika along with the other Ivaka females is naked throughout most of the movie. In particular, Rae Dawn Chong was cast as Ika because she was the most comfortable with nudity. She remained nude and covered in body paint between takes to stay in character as can be seen, briefly, in the behind the scenes documentary. The Ulam wear furs draped loosely over their bodies that often reveal breasts and buttocks.

Most of the women in this film are not pretty to modern sensibilities. Even the more conventionally attractive Ika doesn't fully conform to modern standards of beauty, being covered head to toe in clay and charcoal. Slightly more accurate than most examples. The caption, as noted above, reads "80, years ago", but Annaud admits in the DVD commentary that it might just as well be ,, so Pelts of the Barbarian: The savage Kzamm are clothed in heavy furs.

Given the culture of the setting, and the generally animalistic behaviour it's unclear to what extent consent is given, if at all, and some of the sex scenes definitely resemble rape. Naoh falls victim to this on the way to the Ivaka settlement, as do Amouker and Gaw when they go looking for him.

Rape, Pillage, and Burn:

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Watch anna nicole smith have sex

Anna Nicole Smith's tragic real-life story Getty Images Mike Redmond From the pages of Playboy to sharing the screen with comedy legend Leslie Nielsen, Anna Nicole Smith rose to fame in the '90s thanks to her bombshell looks and scandalous marriage to an year-old oil tycoon, which led to a decades-long court battle over his vast fortune.

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Back then, she went by her real name, Vickie Lynn Hogan, but she'd soon acquire her famous last name after she aggressively pursued fellow cook Billy Wayne Smith. According to the Daily Mail , the teen couple tied the knot in his mother's living room after Anna Nicole became pregnant with their son Danny. Six months after giving birth, Anna Nicole quit a waitressing job at Red Lobster to become a stripper in Houston. That decision did not sit well with her mother, who was a police officer at the time and yanked Anna Nicole out of the club.

So the next morning, Anna Nicole packed her bags and left town, essentially abandoning both her husband and infant son to pursue a career in stripping. She met her second husband while working as a stripper Getty Images In , after five years working as a stripper in Houston, Smith met her second husband, J.

Howard Marshall—and let's just say the relationship raised a few eyebrows. For starters, Marshall was almost years-old, while Smith was only However, he was a billionaire oil tycoon, which put the unusual relationship in perspective. The relationship with Marshall also reunited Anna Nicole with her son, Danny, who had been raised by Smith's mother until he was six. Danny moved in with his mom and new stepdad, and according to the Daily Mail , Marshall promised Smith's mother that he'd take care of them for their "whole lives.

Unfortunately, their nuptials wouldn't last for long. After 13 months of wedded bliss that was allegedly never consummated , Marshall died in from natural causes, and the nasty legal battle over his estate began. According to the Daily Mail, Marshall's family was not a fan of Smith, and they were even less thrilled with her claims that Marshall made an oral agreement to leave her half of his fortune.

The two sides duked it out in court for almost two decades, and the fight over the oil tycoon's sizable wealth outlived both Smith and Marshall. Her film career never took off Getty Images Not long after moving in with Marshall, Smith successfully parlayed her stripping career into the pages of Playboy, where her iconic buxom looks made her the Playmate of the Year.

She'd also try her hand at a film career, but with less-than-stellar results. The Final Insult , her acting career didn't exactly take off. She starred in just a handful of movies , most of which went straight-to-video, and the few television roles she landed were "largely maligned by critics," according to New York Daily News. Hollywood just wasn't willing to take Smith seriously as an actress.

Her nanny successfully sued her for sexual harassment Getty Images In the middle of trying to get her acting career off of the ground and battling her late husband's family in court, Smith was sued for sexual harassment by her son's nanny, Maria Cerrato. According to a New York Magazine report , Cerrato alleged that Smith coerced her into sexual intercourse by plying her with drugs, alcohol, and threats of deportation.

To make matters worse, Smith also reportedly had several medical issues, which resulted in her doctor prescribing large amounts of painkillers.

Keep in mind, Smith was only in the early stages of her court battle with Marshall's family and had no guarantee to her half of his fortune.

To put it more bluntly, Smith was broke, and the sexual harassment lawsuit forced the former Playmate into bankruptcy. Her reality TV career only lasted two seasons Getty Images Despite setbacks with her film career and finances, Smith's fame found a second wind in the early s reality television boom. Unfortunately, the show only lasted two seasons, but not before cementing Smith's pop culture legacy. Granted, part of that legacy includes Smith's increasingly erratic behavior that ultimately led to her demise.

Because even while achieving fame for the second time, Smith still had trouble catching a break. And it was all downhill for the blonde bombshell after her reality show was cancelled. She made a disastrous appearance at the American Music Awards While appearing at the American Music Awards, a noticeably impaired Anna Nicole slurred her way through presenting an award to Kanye West.

At one point, Smith weirdly asked "Do you like my body? But while Stern's intent was to defend Smith from accusations that her unusual behavior was caused by "street drugs," he also admitted that she probably didn't take the proper dosage of her prescription medication—which was not an uncommon occurrence for Anna Nicole.

The birth of her daughter sparked a major paternity battle Getty Images In September , Smith gave birth to daughter Dannielynn while living in the Bahamas with her lawyer-turned-boyfriend Howard K. Stern, who believed himself to be the father. There was just one small problem: Several other men claimed to be Anna Nicole's baby daddy. Eventually, a DNA test proved that photographer Larry Birkhead—who had a "difficult," on and off relationship with Smith since — was the father of Dannielynn.

Unbeknownst to Stern, Smith had allegedly texted Birkhead that he was the father and planned to include him in the birth. Instead, Smith fled to the Bahamas and Birkhead had to learn of his daughter's birth from Anna Nicole's website.

But those circumstances were nowhere close to the biggest tragedy surrounding Dannielynn's arrival. Her son died at the hospital while visiting his new sister Getty Images The days following Dannielynn's birth should've been joyous occasion. Not only was Smith the proud mother of a newborn daughter, but her son Daniel arrived in the Bahamas to visit his new baby sister—except Daniel's visit was tragically cut short.

Shortly after settling into his mother's hospital room, the worst possible scenario happened: Daniel was found dead. According to ABC News , autopsy reports revealed that he died in his sleep from a combination of methadone, Lexapro, and Zoloft.

Medical experts said Daniel should not have been prescribed all three drugs at once due to their dangerous interactions, and questions arose about why he was on both Lexapro and Zoloft. The situation highlighted the dangers of improper prescription drug use, which would rear its head one more tragic time at the end of Smith's life. She had a mock-wedding two weeks after her son's death Getty Images Considering she welcomed a daughter and lost a son within days of each other, it was understandable to be concerned about Anna Nicole's mental health, and those concerns only grew after she made headlines again.

People reports that barely two weeks after the tragic incident in the Bahamas, Smith and Stern held a surprise wedding ceremony on a private yacht in the Bahamas. However, the couple never applied for a marriage license, so the wedding wasn't legally binding.

In fairness, guests noted that Smith needed the ceremony as a "little adrenaline boost" after everything the events of the past month.

It was kind of sad and happy at the same time. Only this time, Anna Nicole wouldn't be the one left behind. The official cause of death was " combined drug intoxication ," and according to E! News , when detectives arrived at the scene, it wasn't pretty: After his name was found on several of the prescription bottles, Stern immediately became a suspect in Smith's demise, and he spent years battling accusations in court that he was responsible for Anna Nicole's death. While he was ultimately convicted of two felony charges in for using fake names and obtaining prescription drugs under false pretense, any attempts to charge Stern with Smith's death have been dismissed, according to E!

Smith had battled substance abuse problems since her early days as a Red Lobster waitress in Texas. When a bout of the flu struck after she arrived at the Hard Rock in Florida, Anna Nicole did what she always did: Only this time, her weakened immune system couldn't handle the potent cocktail of sleeping pills and muscle relaxers, and at age 39, Anna Nicole became another Hollywood starlet who was gone way too soon.

How to tell rabbit sex

How to tell rabbit sex

D Gray In the case of rabbits, as happens with other pets like cats or turtles , it can be difficult to distinguish males from females,especially when they are young. It is quite important to know the sex of your pets if you have a pair of rabbits, because they are animals with a high reproductive rate that, if not controlled, could lead to you having more bunnies than you can manage in a surprisingly short time.

The most effective way to tell a rabbit's sex is to assess the ano-genital distance, that is, the distance between the anus and genitals. It is shorter in females than in males, but there are other details you need to take into account. In this oneHOWTO article we'll explain how to tell if your rabbit is male or female using this method. You may also be interested in: Do it gently, because these animals are quite nervous and prone to stress, as tends to happen when you need to brush it or clip its nails safely.

It's better if you have someone to help you hold the rabbit during this process. Do not pick them up, but rather lay them on a cushion or low table to prevent accidents if it jumps or tries to escape.

If the rabbit refuses to lay down, you can examine it while it is sitting on its tail. It is very important to prevent them from kicking and avoid holding them by their ears.

If the bunny is very young, examine them with gloves on to avoid passing on diseases or your smell, which could lead the mother to reject it. Once the examination is done, let them go: In female rabbits, you will see the anus very close to the tail. Following it very closely, nearer the abdomen, you will see an oval hole, as in the picture. That is the rabbit's vulva, what lets you know that your rabbit is female. However, unlike in their case, the next opening - where the penis is situated - is farther from the anus: Furthermore, the orifice is more circular than in females, as you can see in the image.

Some experts sex their male rabbits by externalizing the penis. This is done by applying gentle pressure on the edges of the hole and extracting it: Unlike most other animals, male rabbits have a scrotal sac for each testicle, and they are not behind the penis but at each side, and slightly forwards, nearer the belly.

A male rabbit's testicles are easy to notice, because they are usually hairless and of a purple shade. However, they may be retracted in situations of stress.

If you can't find the testicles, that is not a completely sure sign that a rabbit is female. Female rabbits tend to be more aggressive. They show nesting behaviors, and you will often find them digging or protecting their territory.

On the other hand, males are more affectionate and curious, although both sexes are likely to spray. Male rabbits are usually smaller, while females are the only ones who have nipples or, in some large breeds, a dewlap - a fold of skin under the chin.

Bunnies reach sexual maturity at only three months old, so if you have more than one you should sex them as soon as possible to neuter or separate them if necessary. It is important that you have a basic understanding of how to care for a rabbit so that your pet has a healthy, happy life. When you adopt a rabbit, contact a vet and establish your rabbit's medical records. You will need to provide objects to gnaw on in order to file its teeth, such as driftwood or special toys for rabbits, and you will have to let it exercise outside the cage daily.

A healthy diet for rabbits must include vegetables, hay and dry feed. You should never bathe your rabbit , as it can become stressed or ill: If you want to read similar articles to How to Tell if my Rabbit is Male or Female, we recommend you visit our Pets category.

Facebook women wanting sex in aberdeen

Facebook women wanting sex in aberdeen

Herbert Publications took the motivation from his unusual advancement all through his education and untiring career regardless of the hardships he surmounted. With this inspiration, we commit at our best for the distribution of research information at global standards upholding integrity. Herbert Publications was established in and Open Access publishing refers to unrestricted reuse and redistribution.

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Most cases have a prominent inflammatory component. This finding is a rare but important differential for a pleural tumour, as its benign nature may influence management choices for the patient.

The identification of additional AML cases with complex karyotypes that have amplification of KMT2A will help determine their impact in the diagnosis and prognosis for these types of patients. The implications of this study inform existing data on parentalintention about genetic testing for ASD. Our results demonstrate an association between beliefs and motivations surrounding ASD research and testing decision, which at this point have not been assessed outside of qualitative findings.

This study also elucidates that these factors related to genetic testing than are currently unconsidered regarding parents of ASD patients. These changes are characterized by reduction in the thickness of the myelin sheath compared to the control group and by profound vacuolization into the myelin sheath.

How to have naked sex

Talk sex sue method fellation

By John Duda Jun 09, at She explains that normally, you can only learn this technique in one of her classes but that, in her opinion, every man deserves to get grapefruited. A few sample comments from WSHH: Angel to talk about the video, her new-found Internet fame, and to get some good tips on essing some D. Where did you come up with the idea to use a grapefruit?

So the thing is, when I first started learning how to perform fellatio, I watched a lot of porn. One particular day I saw a girl giving her guy some head—I was actually doing it at the same time—and she had a handful of fruit.

So while she was giving him fellatio, he seemed like he was really, really enjoying it. So I ran to my kitchen to see what I had so I could at least simulate it, but all I had was an orange and a grapefruit—I went for the orange.

I tried to cut it up in a way that would fit on his dick, but it fell apart. So the next thing I went for was the grapefruit. What if you have a citrus allergy? Some people say mango, but it has that huge seed in it. And the thing about the grapefruit: I mean, anything wet and slippery will feel good, of course.

But with those ridges in it, a grapefruit has the same sensation. Any great success stories or, conversely, complaints? I was curious about the citric acid potentially burning. I can say, if you can call it a complaint, that a lady told me her man passed away from giving head. Get past the regular, boring, everyday sex. How has your business changed since Internet fame?

So, I have to say, when I watched the video for the first time, I was surprised by the noise that you made during your performance. Is that a necessary byproduct of doing it well? Well, when I teach a class, I tell my women to do things that they would not usually do. We as women really get stuck in a box where we over-think—about ourselves, about our sex lives. So everything is usually softer or more muted, but never anything over the top.

I want to be unforgettable. You always want to be better than the last chick. Do you have any top tips for keeping couples happy? But I tell people you have to take it a step further. You need to communicate. And even if you have a freaky fetish, you can do baby steps to get there. What sets you apart from other sex seminars? My approach on how I teach. A lot of people just show, but everything I do is hands-on.

These are all techniques I designed for that purpose: I also bring a lot of comedy into my classes. Some teachers are so clinical, but I try to stay entertaining. What got you into the world of sex advice in the first place?

Actually, there was a guy I was with, years ago, who I developed my techniques with. I gave him fellatio for the first time and I had never done it before and I was so intimidated by the act that I started watching porn to learn. So, not too long after that, I started telling my friends what I was doing, and they would look at me like, You did what?!?

I printed out some booklets, got some dildos and had a class with my friends. They told their friends and it took off. Do you have anything in the works? And I have a second DVD in the works. It comes with that gagging sound and all that, but all you have to do is take his penis and stick it as far back into the back of your throat as possible until you gag.

Never suck on a full stomach—you have less of a chance of throwing up. You only gag a couple times and then you slide your hand up the shaft and you give a basic blow job. Once you get going, your mouth will stay wet. As I always say, the wetter, the better. I invite everyone else to do the same.